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How to apply to the Graduate School?

Welcome to the Graduate School Life Science Munich (LSM), from Molecules to Systems!

If you are interested in doing a doctoral thesis with a member of the LSM, you need to apply via our online portal, this will reopen for applications in October 2019!


Timeline for the application proceedure:

  • Beginning of the application, Oct 21st 2019 onwards, opening of the LSM online application system;
  • Upon completion of the deadline November 29th 2019 only fully submitted applications will be forwarded for pre-screening;
  • Should the application deem worthy, it will be evaluated by 3 members of the Grad. School;
  • The timeline of the above process will be around 6-8 weeks;
  • Should the candidate be of excellent academic calibre, invitations will be issued for personal interview(s) in Munich;
  • Final decisions on whether the candidate is accepted will follow shortly after the interview(s) takes place;
  • Start of doctoral study, as agreed upon with supervisor, this takes into consideration when funding becomes available. 

180516_LSM_Plakat_A3_2018_RZPlease take note of the following rules and considerations:

You have to apply with our online application tool;

Applications via mail/email will not be accepted;

Incomplete applications will not be considered and will be deleted after 3 months due to data protection laws;

Deadline: 29 of November 2019!

 Applications which are not submitted will not be considered;


We do not charge application fees;

There are no tuition fees;

All courses are held in English.


For internal candidates, those that have started your doctoral project with a member of the LSM-cut-off period within the 1st year of starting your doctoral thesis: (must submit 1st TAC pre- and post- report during the online application)


The six steps to submit your application to the LSM doctoral programme:

  1. Register online, 6-month count down starts here! After successful registration you will receive a confirmation link via e-mail that allows you to log in.
  2. Log in with your personal username and password at the LSM online application system and fill out your application form.
  3. Upload all required documents.
  4. Contact your referees and get their affirmation to write a recommendation on your behalf. Then fill out the tabs for references contacts in the online application form and "save and submit". Once you have done this step, you have authorized the automatic tool to invite the referee to submit his/her letter of recommendation electronically. It is your responsibility to ensure they send in their letters of reference! You will receive confirmation via email of such!
  5. Submit your application by clicking on the "Save and Submit" button in the upper menu of the application site.
  6. Send the LSM office an email, once your referees have submited their letters of reference (and you have saved and submitted). This final step will increase visibility of your application! It is your responsability to send the LSM office such

More information:

Acceptance of complete applications will be confirmed electronically in the "My progress" menu button of your application form.

Submission of each letter of recommendation to the coordination office will be confirmed electronically in the "My progress" section of your application form. Additionally, you will be informed via email as soon as one of your referees has submitted a recommendation on your behalf. Furthermore, the referee will also receive an email confirming the receipt of the recommendation letter.

We can only accept online applications, which are completed. Consequently, incomplete applications (those remaining online for over 6 months will be rejected and deleted from our data-base). This is in accordance to data protection laws in EU countries, your personally information may not be kept for longer than this period of time.

Written applications to the LSM coordination office are not processed and will not be returned.

Applications will be independently reviewed by several faculty members of the Graduate School LSM. Based on academic qualification, research experience, motivation, scientific background and the letters of recommendation, candidates will be selected for personal interviews in Martinsried/Munich. Travel expenses will be covered by the Graduate School (within the permitted airfare prices/ accomodation at a youth hostel may be refunded).
Successful applicants will be offered a doctoral study position, which generally is financed by third-party funds of the supervisor. The monthly salary is around 1.100 EUR.

At the time of application, the last final exam should have taken place during the past four years.

For detailed information about the LSM programme, please go to our website.