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DAAD-LSM doctoral projects

Please note:

  • Only international applicants, who have not been in Germany longer than 15 months by the end of October 2023 are eligible for the DAAD-GSSP scholarship !
  • You have to apply through our online application tool which is open until 31 October 2023, 12:00 noon CET !
  • For further information about the projects, feel free to contact the supervisor directly
  • The offered projects of this DAAD-GSSP application cover most areas of natural and life sciences from Cell and Developmental Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Evolutionary Biology, Plant Sciences, Pharmacology and Systematic Botany and Mycology.
  • On the online application tool, two projects can be selected.
  • You are welcome to browse through our faculty members´research here
  • Only applications submitted through our online portal will be considered !
Research groups

Please access the projects´descriptions through clicking on the below highlighted group leaders´names !

Prof. Dr. Claude Becker (Genetics): Project 1
Title: Induction of defence compounds in rice by fungal elicitors
gene regulation; plant-plant interaction; elicitor
Subject areas: Plant Sciences, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Computational Biology

Prof. Dr. Claude Becker (Genetics): Project 2
Title: Epigenomic associations with plant-microbe interactions
Keywords: epigenetics; epigenomics; DNA methylation; plant microbiome
Subject areas: Plant Sciences, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Computational Biology

Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes (Physical and Synthetic Biology)
Title: ABC importers as targets for antibiotics of pathogenic bacteria
Keywords: membrane transporter, drug-Design, molecular biophysics, fluorescence spectroscopy
Suject areas: Biophysics, Biochemistry
Collaborative Project: Kirsten Jung (Microbiology)

 Prof. Dr. Heinrich Jung (Microbiology)
Role and mechanism of tripartite efflux pumps in pyoverdine secretion in Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Keywords: Pseudomonas putida, iron acquisition, siderophore production, tripartite efflux systems, membrane proteins, transport
Subject areas: Microbiology, Molecular Biology

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung (Microbiology)
Title: Acidification of the cytoplasm as a poorly understood stimulus for the activation of stress adaptation in Escherichia coli
Keywords: acid stress, Escherichia coli, transcriptional regulation, sensing
Subject areas: Microbiology, Molecular Biology


Prof. Dr. Hans-Henning Kunz (Botany, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology)
Title: Linking plastid ion transport and functionality
Keywords: Chloroplast, Photosynthesis, Protein Biochemistry, Genomics, Imaging
Subject areas: Botany, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology


 Prof. Dr. David Keays (Developmental Neurobiology): Project 1
Title: Modelling Human Neurodevelopmental Disease with Cerebral Organoids
Organoids, Neurodevelopmental Disease, Microtubules
Subject areas:

Prof. Dr. David Keays (Developmental Neurobiology): Project 2
Title: The Role of the MAST Genes in Development and Disease
Keywords: Mouse Models, Neurodevelopmental Disease, Microtubules
Subject areas: Neuroscience


Prof. Dr. Dario Leister (Plant Sciences)
Title: Hardening corals against climate change
endosymbiosis, dinoflagellate, adaptive laboratory evolution
Subject areas: microbiology, genetics, cell biology, ecology

Prof. Dr. Markus Meissner (Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Parasitology)
Title: The Function of the Gliding Initiation Complex in Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum
Keywords: Host Cell Invasion, Apicomplexan parasites, Malaria
Subject areas: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Parasitology


Prof. Dr. Richard Merrill (Evolutionary Biology)
Title: The genetics of sensory and behavioral adaptations in Heliconius butterflies
Keywords: Speciation, Heliconius, Mate choice, Behavior, Sensory ecology
Subject areas: Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Behavior


Prof. Dr. Stylianos Michalakis (Cell and Developmental Biology)
Title: Role of TET3-mediated 5mC oxidation for neuronal differentiation and plasticity
Keywords: Epigenetics, DNA Methylation, Demethylation, Neuron, Retina
Subject areas: Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology


Dr. Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali (Cell and Developmental Biology)
Title: Deciphering Regulation Centrosome Dynamics
Keywords: Centrosome, LLPS, Cell Division
Subject areas: Cell Biology


Dr. Dejana Mokranjac (Cell Biology, Biochemistry)
Title: Understanding the unique features of the mtHsp70 system that underlie
mitochondrial proteostasis
Keywords: mitochondria, proteostasis, Hsp70, chaperone, protein import, protein folding
Subject areas: Cell Biology, Biochemistry

 Prof. Dr. Christof Osman (Cell Biology, Molecular Biology)
Title: Quality control of the mitochondrial genome
Keywords: mitochondria, mtDNA, fluorescence microscopy
Subject areas: Molecular biology, Cell biology and Genetics

 Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske (Plant Genetics): Project 1
Title: Spatio-temporal dynamics in the composition and function of the CCaMK/CYCLOPS complex, the master regulator of plant root symbioses
Keywords: transcription factors, plant-microbe interactions, signal transduction, legume-rhizobium symbiosis, arbuscular mycorrhiza, confocal laser scanning microscopy
Subject areas: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske (Plant Genetics): Project 2
Title: The impact of plant antibiotic metabolites and bacterial multidrug resistance genes on the root microbiota composition
Keywords: plant-microbe interactions, bacterial multidrug resistance, plant secondary metabolites, legume-rhizobium symbiosis
Subject areas: Microbiology, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics

Dr. Arne Weiberg (Genetics of Plant-Pathogen Interaction)
Title: Pathogen extracellular vesicles in RNA effector delivery
RNA biology, plant-microbe interaction, extracellular vesicles
Subject areas:
Botany, Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Crop Science, Plant Protection, Mycology