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German Language Courses

For the international LSM students the Graduate School organizes in-house German language courses. They take place either at the Biocenter in Martinsried during the semester (when there are enough participating candidates) or in town during the holiday intervals and are offered for all different language proficiencies.

Cancellation policy:

LSM Grant: assumption of costs once student pass the exam successfully. Refund will take upto 4 weeks after the exam results. There is no need to contact the LSM office, refund is taken care of directly through the IUCM (exam results are sent direclty to LSM office).

For details please contact


International students, who do not belong to LSM, but are interested in the German language courses taking place at the Biocenter (Martinsried) should address the following link: International University Club Munich (IUCM) or contact the program coordinator via e-mail.