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LSM Lecture Series

It is strongly recommended to attend these lectures during the first semesters of the doctoral study.

Proof of attendance is required, by signature of the host or speaker, (for LSM lecture series an attendance list will be brought in by student). Please download the external attendance list here

LSM Seminar series!

Doctoral students will be given the opportunity to present their work in a casual, yet professional environment and receive critical and constructive feedback from their peers. These seminars do not count towards the LSM lecture series even though there is an attendance list! Students that give the talk, will then receive ECTS points towards the completion of the curriculum.

Lecture Series for Winter Semester 2023/24

Date Talk
8.11.2023 David Keays, LMU faculty of Biology
15.11.2023 Carmen Nussbaum, LMU Medical faculty
29.11.2023, postponed to the 13th of December Marc Gottschling, LMU faculty of Biology
6.12.2023 Richard Merrill, LMU faculty of Biology
14.12.2023, Thursday ! LSM Networking Event
24.01.2024 at 16:00 CET Joachim Haug, LMU faculty of Biology
31.01.2024 Christof Osman, LMU faculty of Biology
7.02.2024 Stephan Pflaum, LMU Career Service

Note: Unless specifically stated, all lectures will be held in room G00.031 at 17:00 CET at the Biocenter.

Lecture Series for Summer Semester 2023

Date Talk
19.04.2023 Dr. Sebastian Bultmann-ZITiS, Title: An unusual journey: From exploring pluripotency to fighting cyber crime
26.04.2023 Prof. Dr. Claude Becker (Plant Genetics) Title: Epigenetic variation in sexual and asexual propagation.
3.05.2023 Prof. Dr. Henning Kunz (Plant Biochemistry)
10.05.2023 Dr. Macarena Marin (Plant Genetics), Title: Be my guest: how legumes host endosymbiotic and commensal bacteria
24.05.2023 Dr. Karin Bartel (AG Vollmar, CUP), Title: Exploiting the endolysosomal system to target cancer cells
postponed until 28.06.2023
Prof. Dr. Marcia Ferraz (Biology of Reproduction), Title: The secretory life of cells: use of microfluidic and bio-printing to study reproductive cells communication in vitro
21.06 Open day event at the faculty of Biology
13.07.2023 AGM followed by a get-together

 Note: Unless specifically stated, all lectures will be held in room G00.031 at 17:00 CET at the Biocenter.


Lecture Series for Winter Semester 2022/23

Date Talk
19.10.2022 LSM Students: Elevator Talk Session.

!Closed Session Only for LSM Students!

26.10.2022 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Enard ,Talk title: Evolution of Molecular Circuitries
09.11.2022 Dr. Robert E. Rollins, Title: The intersection of parasitism and avian biology
Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 992 7068 1987
Passcode: 944479
23.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Silke Robatzek, Title: Plants have an immune system too
30.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Michael Kiebler, Title: Learning and memory at the level of synapses
07.12.2022 Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes, Title: Biophysical methods to probe structural dynamics of membrane transporters in real time
14.12.2022 Dr. Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali, Title: Hold on to it - tethering the PCM to the centrioles in C. elegans
Dr. Christoph Klöckner, Title: Patent or Perish- Intellectual Property as an opportunity for scientists
Career Talk
Dr. Elisabeth Schneider-Scherzer, Title: Developing and providing drugs to patients: career opportunities in pharmaceutical and biotech industry
Postponed for SS 2023 Prof. Dr. Claude Becker: TBC
Postponed for SS 2023 Dr. Macarena Marín: TBC

Note: Unless specifically stated, all lectures will be held in room G00.031 at 17:00 CET at the Biocenter.

Lecture Series for Sommer Semester 2022

Date Talk

Prof. Korbinian Schneeberger: How to assemble the four genomes of an autotetraploid potato cultivar

Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 948 8299 2757
Code: 460224

04.05.2022 LSM Students: Elevator Talk Session.

!Closed Session Only for LSM Students!


Prof. Markus Meißner: The fascinating cell biology of Apicomplexan parasites

Zoom Online                                                                               Meeting-ID: 989 5010 0022
Code: 812616



Dr. Sonja Grath: Evolution of gene regulation - from gene editing to network analysis                                                                            
01.06.2022 Prof. Christof Osman: Keeping the good ones: Quality control of the mitochondrial genome                                                                    Zoom Online                                                                              Meeting-ID: 927 5847 4333
Code: 112279
22.06.2022 Prof. Laurent Frantz: Title TBC                                                        Zoom Online                                                                             Meeting-ID: 985 1151 2355
Code: 126700
29.06.2022 Dr. Ulrike Künzel: Transitioning from academia into industry as a Research Scientist in Functional Genomics                                                             Zoom Online                                                                                 Meeting-ID: 915 1538 0945
Code: 487193
06.07.2022 Dr. Marta Bastos de Oliveira: Power abuse- what can we do?                    Zoom Online                                                                              Meeting-ID: 958 2652 0627
Code: 537941
13.07.2022 Dr. Aleksei Belyi: A new laboratory model to test the principles of host-parasite coevolution                                                                       Zoom Online                                                                             Meeting-ID: 989 4925 2770
Code: 926417

Lecture Series for Winter Semester 2021/22


LSM Students: Elevator Talk Session.

!Closed Session Only for LSM Students!

27.10.2021 Florian Dunkert: Title TBC                                                              Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 910 9471 8401
Code: 753700

Prof. Haszprunar. Title: DNA-Barcoding in Biodiversity Research: Principles & Applications.                                                                              Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 931 8355 6954
Code: 771071

17.11.2021 Dr. Oscar Perez Escobar. Title: TBC                                                  Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 994 4090 0554
Code: 737773

PD Dr. Lassak Jürgen. Title: The many facets of post-translational modifications and non-proteinogenic amino acids                             Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 974 5573 4570
Code: 348221

01.12.2021 Shift in Date -> Talk had to be postponed: NEW DATE: 12.01.2022
08.12.2021 Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Grimm. Title: TRPML and two-pore cation channels in endolysosomal function and disease                                            Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 928 8212 9289
Code: 586983
15.12.2021 Dr. Ines Hellmann. Title: Approaches to study the Evolution of Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs)                                                           Zoom Online 
Meeting-ID: 944 8851 3897
Code: 268658
12.01.2022 Dr. André Heuer. Title: "Transitioning from Academia to a Sales / Business Development environment"               Zoom Online
Meeting-ID: 962 9815 8276
Code: 866412

All lectures will be held online through Zoom at 17:00 CET, link to the talk will be sent per Email.
For external (non‐LSM) students, please do not bother the speaker asking for a confirmation. If you need one, contact Korbinian Dischinger at:

Lecture Series for Summer Semester 2021

Date Talk

Prof. Hans-Henning Kunz. Title: Chloroplast ion homeostasis – a plant cell hub to sense and respond to environmental cues.

Meeting ID: 989 7661 0856
Passcode: 498358

28.04.2021 Dr. Dejana Mokranjac. Title: The hitchhiker´s guide to the biogenesis of mitochondria.

Meeting ID: 912 7500 9770
Passcode: 103165

5.05.2021 Prof. Simon Ringgaard. Title: The intracellular organization and adaptation of bacteria.

Meeting ID: 981 9250 1286
Passcode: 255232

Abstract: We aim to study how bacteria sense, respond and adapt to changes in their environment. We further aim to study how bacteria are internally organized, with a particular focus on the molecular mechanisms driving the intracellular localization patterns of proteins over time and how proteins are targeted to specific sites within the cell in accordance with the cell cycle. The combination of these two overall aims leads us to study the intracellular localization of adaptation systems, such as the bacterial flagellum and chemotaxis signalling systems, and how these processes are regulated. Of specific interest for us are bacteria that adapt to changes in their external surroundings by initiating a specific cellular differentiation program, where changes between different cell morphologies and/or cell types increase the complexity of bacterial spatiotemporal regulation.

Monday !!!
Dr. Stephan Pflaum. Title: Corona Career? Why you shouldn't let Corona affect your plans! (Career talk)

Meeting ID: 961 2499 4810
Passcode: 844855

19.05.2021 LSM student Antony Crisp (AG Carell) practicing his disputation talk. Title: Non-canonical Nucleosides and
Proto-Urea-RNA at the Chemical Origins of Life
9.06.2021 Dr. Bart Nieuwenhuis. Title: The evolution of breeding systems: gain and loss of sexual ‘types’

Meeting ID: 916 2362 5447
Passcode: 243838

16.06.2021 Prof. Dr. Claude Becker. Title: TBC

Meeting ID: 972 2359 8069
Passcode: 909855

All lectures will be held online through Zoom at 17:00 CET, link to the talk will be sent per Email.
For external (non‐LSM) students, please do not bother the speaker asking for a confirmation. If you need one, contact Nadine Hamze at:

Lecture Series for Winter Semester 2020/21

Date Talk

Dr. Markus Müller from AG Carell. Title"A Chemical Biologist's Approach to Finding a Cure for Covid-19",
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 976 6125 8795
Passcode: 399889


Prof. Dr. Michael Gorman. Title "BIOTOPIA- a new museum for life sciences and the environment in Munich",
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 983 2997 3654
Passcode: 709584


Dr. Sebastian Bultmann from AG Leonhardt. Title: "DNA methylation dynamics during preimplantation development: A mammalian innovation?",

Zoom link: Meeting ID: 970 3826 0328
Passcode: 049083

26.01.2021 at
17:15 CET (Tuesday!)
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Jung Title: "Prokaryotic solute/sodium symporters: versatile functions of a transporter family", Zoom link will follow ! (Microbiology Colloquium Series)
9.02.2021 at
17:15 CET (Tuesday!)
Prof. Dr. Kirsten Jung Title: "The complexity of acid stress response: from receptors and translational regulation to phenotypic heterogeneity", Zoom link will follow ! (Microbiology Colloquium Series)

All lectures will be held online through Zoom at 17:00 CET, link to the talk will be sent per Email.
For external (non‐LSM) students, please do not bother the speaker asking for a confirmation. If you need one, contact Nadine Hamze at:


Lecture Series for Summer Semester 2020

Date Talk
27/05/2020 Guest Speaker talk, Dr. Michael Mende: “Integer research – what’s good about research anyways?” Here is the link to the talk:
1/07/2020 Thorben Cordes, Title: Single-molecule studies for visualization of conformational dynamics in proteins
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 972 3743 1438 Password: 694063
15/07/2020 Christian Grimm, Title: Endolysosomal cation channels: from mucolipidosis type IV to Covid-19
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 966 7367 7944 Password: 624527
22/07/2020 Andreas Klingl, Title: „Vampires“ and vegan smoothies - the daily routine of an electron microscopist
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 918 8241 9328 Passcode: 620050

All lectures will be held online through Zoom at 17:00 CET, link to the talk will be sent per Email.

Lecture Series for Winter Semester 2019/20

6/11/2019 Guest speaker talk, Dr. Christoph Klöckner: "Patent or Perish - Intellectual Property as an Opportunity for Scientists
13/11/2019 Noémie Becker, "Plasmids are driving me crazy - Genomics and evolution of Borrelia bacteria"
27/11/2019 Tamara Mikeladze Dvali, "Regulation of centrosome dynamics by PCMD-1"

LSM networking event! to be organised by the student council!


11/12/2019 Alexandra Bohne, "Control of Chloroplast Gene Expression by RNA Binding Proteins"
15/01/2020 Stylianos Michalakis, "Developing Gene Therapies for Blinding Eye Disorders"
22/01/2020 Sabine Bachmeier, Title: "Environmental sensing and communication in tropical parasites"
29/01/2020 Joachim Haug, Title: "Diversity is more than species richness – the morphological range of lacewing larvae in the last 100 million years"

 Note: Unless specifically stated, all lectures will be held in room G00.031 at 17:00 CET at the Biocenter.

Previous Lecture Series for Summer Semester 2019

15/05/2019 Guest speaker(s) talk, Franziska Tippel & Marco Schwieder: "MicroScale Thermophoresis as a Tool to Study Biomolecular Interactions"
22/05/2019 Silke Robatzek: "Plants have an immunesystem too"
5/06/2019 For our Seminar Series, LSM student Nikhil Mishra: "Novel role of the C. elegans ced-3 caspase in the regulation of asymmetric cell divisions"
12/06/2019 Jürgen Soll, Title: "Protein sorting and translocation in eukaryotic organelles"
26/06/2019 Thomas Nägele, Title: "Subcellular reprogramming of plant metabolism"
3/07/2019 Guest speaker talk, Armin Baiker: "From reverse genetics of viruses to genetic engineering surveillance - a career at the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL)"

postponed for WS 19/20

Stylianos Michalakis, Title: "Developing Gene Therapies for Blinding Eye Disorders"
17/07/2019 Richard Merril, Title: "The genetics of behavioural isolation in tropical butterflies"
24/07/2019 Simone Moser, AG Vollmar, Title: "Phyllobilins - An Underexplored Family of Natural Products that have Effects on Cancer Cells"

 Note: Unless specifically stated, all lectures will be held in room G00.031 at 17:00 CET at the Biocenter.

Previous Winter Semester:  



Nicolas Gompel: "Tackling the origin of phenotypic diversity with fruit flies." Note in room B01. 019!

Heinrich Leonhardt: "Methods in Epigenetics, Cell Biology and Human Biology: Gene Expression Analyses."                           Note in N02.040 (BMC)

31/10/2018 @17:00

maxresdefault For our Seminar Series, Yu-Kai Chao: "TPC2 polymorphisms associated with a hair pigmentation phenotype in humans result in gain of channel function by independent mechanisms" and fellow LSM colleague TBA.
7/11/2018 Markus Müller, AG Carell: "How we use chemistry to solve biological problems."
21/11/2018 Christof Osman: "Casting light on the genome of the cell’s powerhouse: The distribution and inheritance of mitochondrial DNA."
5/12/2018 Irini Solovei, AG Leonhart: " Viewing nuclear architecture through the eyes of nocturnal mammals."

LSM networking event! to be organised by the student council!bells

22/01/2019 New Date! @15:00h Poster Session by internal candidates in E00.070, all LSM members/students invited!

14/01/2019 @17:30h-19:00h in G00.001

Dr Schneidereit (technical specialist SynBio) will talk about
Genome Editing CRISPR/Cas9 and Dr Wagner will discuss protein production in research vs industry, both are employees of ThermoFisher 
16/01/2019 Chris Carrie, AG Soll: " How do plants make mitochondria?"
23/01/2019 Nikola Wagener: "Import quality control in mitochondria."


In small lecture hall, B01.019



Talk is open to all!


Invited guests:

To discuss their roles in the industry, to answer all your questions!

Cancer Research at Thermo Fisher Scientific: We can. We will. We must.

Abstract: Cancer is personal.

In the fight against cancer, every resource is precious.
At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are committed to enable our customers’ research by shortening the path to breakthrough by maximizing every resource.
This presentation is an outline how we, as the world leader in serving science, are approaching a topic like cancer research:
from developing product and workflow materials, to educating our customer facing employees, to supporting the community.

Dr. Hans Bügl (District Manager)
Dr. Andreas Wagner (Technical Sales Specialist, BioProduction)
Judith Pfahler (Account Manager Biotech)
Dr. Andrea Grell (Account Manager LMU)

Previous Summer semester 2018


18/04/18 Seminar

Mauricio Toro-Nahuelpan: "Magnetoskeleton: Cytoskeletal elements to assemble and segregate a bacterial-made magnet". 

7/05/18 @ 14:00 CET Martin Parniske: "Molecular Genetics of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Development" in G00.001
9/05/18 Showcase of the documentary "Tomorrow"! An LSM event closed to our students only!
23/05/18 Esther Zanin: "Molecular mechanisms of cytokinesis in animal cells"

Sonja Grath: "Evolution of DNA Methylation." Cancelled

6/06/18 Seminar Jasmin Moneer: "The Notch signaling pathway in Hydra vulgaris" Cancelled
13/06/18 Jörg Nickelsen: "Biogenesis of thylakiod membranes."
20/06/18 Wolfgang Enard: "Quantitative single-cell transcriptomics"




Sophie Stief: "Loss of KDM6A function induces drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia" and

Anna-Christina Erpf: "Characterization of a novel protein required for bipolar spindle assembly in the one-cell stage C. elegans embryo"-cancelled

Previous Wintersemester 2017/18

25/10/2017 Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar, LMU, "DNA-Barcoding in the Next Generation: research and applications"
8/11/2017 Dr. Arne Weiberg, LMU, "Cross-kingdom RNA Interference in Plant-Pathogen Interactions"
15/11/2017 Prof. Dr. Ida van der Klei, University of Groningen, "Peroxisome Biogenesis"
22/11/2017 Dr. Ines Hellmann, LMU, "The challenges of single cell RNA-seq analysis"
29/11/2017 Seminar Series- Eliza Argyridou (AG Parsch) and Ivica Kristoficova (AG Jung K.) practice their defense talks! Please come support them with your input!
6/12/2017 LSM Xmas event! no lecture
10/01/2018 Prof. Dr. Thorben Cordes, LMU, "Tools and applications of dynamic structural biology: Mechanisms of active membrane transport"
17/01/2018 Dr. Sonja Grath, LMU, "Evolution of DNA Methylation" Canceled!
24/01/2018 Dr. Claudio Joazeiro, University of Heidelberg, "Ribosome-Associated Quality Control and Neurodegeneration" .


Dr. Jörg Meurer, LMU, "Chloroplast Protectors of Exonuclease-Sensitive Sites"
the lecture is at 12:30CET in room B01.015


Thursday, 11th May 2017 Prof. Dr. Marc Gottschling, LSM, LMU, "Phylogenetic Interference with focus on Papillomaviruses".
Friday, 19th May 2017 Keynote Series: Dr. Patricia Wittkopp, University of Michigan, "From Mutation to Divergence: Evolution of Gene Expression," Lecture hall B 00.019 at 12:00.
24th May 2017

LSM Seminar Series Presentation of Doctoral Project: Priya Primpikar, Gutjahr AG. And Vedran Bozicevic, Stephan AG.

31st May 2017 Dr. Peter Mergaert, Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule, France, "Controlling Endosymbiotic Bacteria in Plants and Insects with Antimicrobial Peptides," Host: José-Antonio Villaécija-Aguilar

7th June 2017

Dr. Ruth Adam, Contemplative practices in the eyes of neuroscience.

Meditiation Tutorial - session 1

14th June 2017 LSM Seminar Series, Presentation of Doctoral Project, Claudia Popp, Ott AG and Andrea Künzel, AG Carell.
28th June 2017

Prof. Dr. John Parsch, LSM, LMU, "Evolution and Expression of the Drosophila X Chromosome"

5th July 2017 Dr. Tamara Mikeladze-Dvali, LSM, LMU, "Matrix not Reloaded: A Novel C. elegans Protein with Function in Centrosome Matrix Formation"
12th July 2017

Dr. Arne Weiberg, LSM, LMU, "Cross-kingdom RNA Interference in Plant-Pathogen Interactions" - Cancelled!

19th July 2017

Prof. Dr. Peter Geigenberger, LSM, LMU, "Regulation of Plant Metabolism in Response to a Fluctuating Environment"

26th July 2017 Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp, LSM, LMU, "Subcellular Organization of Bacteria: What did we learn from new microscopy techniques?"


2nd November 2016 New! LSM seminar series: Marco La Fortezza & Christina Nagler
Tuesday, 8th November 2016 Hendrick Korswagen, Hubrecht Institute, the Netherlands: “Cell intrinsic modulation of Wnt signaling as a guidance mechanism in neuroblast migration.” Lec. hall: B01.027
23rd November 2016 Kenneth de Baets, FAU, Erlangen: „The Importance of Fossils in Understanding the Evolution of Parasites and Their Vectors“ Lec. hall: B01.019
30th November 2016 Barbara Conradt, LSM, LMU “Studying programmed cell death at single cell resolution.”

 13th December 2016

18:00 CET open end!

bellsLSM Christmas event: Königerlicher Hirschgarten at 18:00 CET, followed by Tollwood Winterfestival

For LSM doctoral students only!

21st December 2016, 13:15 CET Botanische Staatsanstalten, Menzinger Str. 67, Mikroskopiersaal 1 (Raum 138) Christian Bräuchler, Restoration Ecology, TU Munich.

Note the time change!

11th January 2017 Macarena Marín, LSM, LMU: “From the root surface to the inside of a plant cell: infection mechanisms of symbiotic rhizobia.”
25th January 2017 Bart Kempenaeres, LSM, IMPRS for Ornithology: “You snooze, you lose: sexual selection on being active.”

1st February 2017

Serena Schwenkert, LSM, LMU: “Protein targeting to plant organelles.”

Monday, 6th February 2017 at 18:00

Daniel Wolpert, University of Cambridge, UK: "Probalistic Models of Senorimotor Control and Decision Making. Lec. hall: B01.019 Host: BCCN-MGN-MPI


20th April 2016   PD Dr. Philippar: “Plastid fatty acid export”
11th May 2016 Prof. Dr. Metzler: “Computational Statistics in Evolutionary Genetics.”
18th May 2016 MSc: Joel Ryan AG Leonhardt: Dissecting the dynamics of the epigenetic modifier Tet1 in mouse embryonic stem cells using modern imaging techniques.
1st June 2016 Prof. Dr. Böttger: “Pattern-formation in animal development: The Hydra head organizer.”

8th June 2016

Dr. Monika Murcha: "Elucidating plant mitochondrial biogenesis". Guest speaker from the University of Western Australia, Perth. Held in small lecture hall, B01.027.

22nd June 2016 Prof. Dr. Sirota: “Systems neuroscience of learning and memory.”
6th July 2016 Dr. Liebl: “Cdk5-a novel target for fighting cancer.”
13th July 2016 PD Dr. Heermann: “Small Talk - Quorum sensing and quorum quenching in entomopathogenic bacteria”


21st October 2015 Dr. Joachim Haug: “Evolution of development in arthropods.”
28th October 2015 Dr. Caroline Gutjahr: “Arbuscular mycorriza development.”
4th November 2015 Prof. Dr. Jochen Heinrichs: “Seed-free land plants and the Cretaceous Revolution.”
18th November 2015 Prof. Peter Vangheluwe: “Unlocking ATP13A2/PARK9 activity protects against mitochondrial stress.”-Exceptional Room change: B01.027
25th November 2015 Dr. Bettina Bölter: "Overcoming barriers: protein translocation into chloroplasts."
9th December 2015 Dr. Beckervordersandforth: “Mitochondrial metabolism controls early lineage progression and ageing phenotypes in adult hippocampal neurogenesis.” Exceptional Room change: B01.027
20th January 2016 Prof.Kai Papenfort: “From strings of nucleotides to collective behavior" - RNA Biology of bacterial pathogens.
27th January 2016 Dr. Peter Mergaert “Controlling Endosymbiotic Bacteria in Plants and Insects with Antimicrobial Peptides.”-Cancelled
3rd February 2016 Dr. Dr. Christian Grimm: “From mucolipidosis type IV to Ebola. Insights into function and pharmacology of endolysosomal cation channels.”


29th April 2015

Prof. Dr. Klingl: “High-pressure freezing as prerequisite for ultrastructural electron microscopy.”

6th May 2015 Dr. Joachim Haug: “Evolution of development in arthropods.”-cancelled.
20th May 2015

Dr. Stephan Gruber: “How to prepare sister chromosomes for their segregation?”

27th May 2015 Prof. Dr. Grupe: “Isotopic mapping in bioarchaeology.”
3rd June 2015

Dr. Berger: “Regulation of Quiescence and Reactivation of Neural Stem Cells in Drosophila.“

10th June 2015

LSM/Genetics & Society Lecture: Julia Krüger from the European Patent Office:
“Patenting of transgenic organisms.”

17th June 2015

Prof. Dr. Boshart: “Divergent cAMP and PKA signaling in protozoan pathogens.”

24th June 2015 Prof. Dr. Uhlirova: "The role of stress signaling in development and disease."
1st July 2015 PD Dr Michalakis: “Epigenetic regulation of neuronal gene expression”


8th October 2014 Prof Hansson "Looking for the good, avoiding the bad-Drosophila olfaction"
22nd October 2014

Prof Parsch "Sex- and population-biased gene expression in the brain of Drosophila melanogaster."

29th October 2014 Prof Soll "Protein Voyagers: From Ribosomes to Organelles"
5th November 2014 Prof Sir Baulcombe "When genomes meet-the effects of RNA, transposons and epigenetics on the phenotypes of hybrid organisms"
26th November 2014 Prof Uhlirova -Unfortunately, this lecture has been cancelled until further notice.
3rd December 2014

Prof Stephan "Population genomics of Drosophila."

10th December 2014 Prof Baldwin "Timing is everything in Ecology."
21st January 2015 Prof Krauth-Siegel "Antioxidant defense in African trypanosomes and the role of the parasite peroxidases"
28th January 2015 Eric Lambie "Nematodes, Magnesium and the Mysterious P5B ATPases."
11th February 2015

Valérie Poncet "Phylogeography and evolution of Amborella trichopoda."


April 16th, 2014 GOMPEL Nicolas, Prof. Dr.: The Genetics Underlying the Evolution of Morphology and Behavior in Drosophila
April 23rd, 2014 HASZPRUNAR Gerhard, Prof. Dr.: Barcoding Fauna Bavarica - a Molecular Library of Life
April 30th, 2014 ENARD Wolfgang, Prof. Dr.: Mice, Chimpanzees and the Evolution of Speech
May 7th, 2014 MORENO Eduardo, Prof. Dr.: The Secret Society of Animal Cells (Exception! Room B01.027, lecture hall)
May 21st, 2014 VOTHKNECHT Ute, Prof. Dr.: Calcium - an Ubiquitous Regulator of Cellular Functions
June 4th, 2014 BIEL Martin, Prof. Dr.: Gene Therapy Approaches to Restore Vision
June 11th, 2014 PARO Renato, Prof. Dr.: Epigenetic Memory in Regeneration and Cancer (Exception! Room B00.019, large lecture hall)
June 18th,2014 NICKELSEN Jörg, Prof. Dr.: How to Make Thylakoids
July 2nd, 2014 JUNG Kirsten, Prof. Dr.: Exploring the Environment - How Bacteria Perceive and Process Information

 WS 2013/2014

Oct 23rd, 2013

Dr. Sebastian BULTMANN: A TALE of CRISPR Strategies for Genome Engineering

Nov 6th, 2013

Prof. Dr. Don C. LAMB: How Chaperones Function, Viruses Assemble and Organelles are Transported: Using Advanced Fluorescence Methods to Elucidate the Processes of Life

Nov 13th, 2013

Dr. Iris FINKEMEIER: Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling in Plants

Dec 4th, 2013

PD Dr. Ralf HEERMANN: Small Talk - Discovering New Languages in Bacteria

Dec 12th, 2013

Prof. Dr. Martin PARNISKE: Plant Genetics of Symbiosis

Jan 15th, 2014

Dr. Ines HELLMANN: Sex Biases in Apes and Humans

Jan 22nd, 2014

Prof. Dr. Heinrich JUNG: Insights into the Nanoworld of Membrane Pumps

Jan 29th, 2014

Prof. Dr. Peter GEIGENBERGER: Regulation of Storage Metabolism in Plants

Feb 5th, 2014

Dr. Georg ARNOLD: Proteomics – New Possibilities for the Molecular Characterisation of Biological Systems

 SS 2013

Apr 17th Prof. Charles David: Origin, structure and evolution of a cnidarian-specific organelle: the nematocyst (stinger capsule)
Apr 24th Prof. Thomas Carell: DNA Bases beyond Watson and Crick
May 1st no lecture (public holiday)
May 8th no lecture (LSM Retreat)
May 15th Prof. Patrick Cramer: Gene transcription and genomic regulation
May 22th Dr. Fabiana Perocchi: Functional Genomics of Mitochondrial Signaling Networks
May 29th Dr. Grashoff Carsten: Analyzing molecular force transduction using novel biosensors
June 5th Prof. Karl-Peter Hopfner: Cellular Stress Response Machinery
June 12th Dr. Henry Dube: Light Controlled Tools for Chemistry and Biology
June 19th no lecture
June 26th Prof. Angelika Vollmar: V-ATPase a new target in Cancer Growth and Progression
July 3th Dr. Julia von Blume: Mechanism of secretory cargo sorting at the Trans Golgi Network

 WS 2012/2013

October 17th Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt: Role and Regulation of DNA Modifications in Development and Disease
October 24th no lecture
October 31st no lecture (public holiday)
November 7th

no lecture

November 14th Prof. Dr. Dirk Trauner: Optochemical Genetics
November 21st

no lecture (public holiday)

November 28th Dr. Bettina Boelter: Overcoming Barriers - Protein Translocation into Chloroplasts
December 5th Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp: Subcellular Compartmentalization in Bacteria - Spatio-temporal Organization of Protein Complexes
December 12th

Dr. Marc Gottschling: Phylogenetic Inference, with a Focus on the Natural History of Unicellular Dinophytes and Papilloma Viruses

December 19th Dr. Katrin Philippar: Metabolite and Ion Transport across Chloroplast Envelope Membranes
Christmas break
January 16th Dr. Dustin Penn: Sexual Selection and Genetic Benefits
January 23rd

Prof. Dr. Barbara Conradt: Coordination of Cell Cycle Progression, Cell Polarity and Apoptosis by Snail Transcription Factors

January 30th Prof. Dr. Thorsten Mascher: Bacterial Signal Transduction and Antibiotic Stress Responses
February 6th

Prof. Dr. Matthias Starck: Dynamics, Plasticity and Structural Diversity of Mammalian Mitochondria

 SS 2012

April 19th Prof. Dr. John Parsch: Population Transcriptomics of Drosophila melanogaster
May 3rd Dr. Jens Krüger: Ion channel simulations using the molecular simulation grid portal
May 10th Prof. Dr. Charles Godfray: Ecological and co-evolutionary interactions between insects and their endosymbionts
May 31st Prof. Dr. Thomas Lahaye: Transcriptional Activator-Like Effectors from Xanthomonas – from biology to biotechnology
June 14th Prof. Dr. Dirk Metzler: Computational Statistics in Evolutionary Genetics
June 21st Prof. Dr. Schüler: Formation and structure of prokaryotic organelles: The example of bacterial magnetosomes
June 28th Prof. Dr. Günther Heubl: Phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of carnivorous plants
July 5th Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stephan: Population genomics of adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster
July 12th Prof. Dr. Angelika Böttger: Oxygen sensing and the regulation of gene expression

July 19th

Prof. Dr. Gisela Grupe: Palaeoecosystems unraveled by stable isotopes in archaeological skeletal finds and mixing models


WS 2011/2012

October 20th Prof. Dr. Jürgen Soll: Endosymbiosis and its consequences
October 27th Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel: Protein engineering, processing and applications: spider silk as a role model
November 3rd Prof. Dr. Dario Neri: Vascular Tumor Targeting: from the bench to the clinic
November 10th Prof. Dr. Gerhard Haszprunar: Barcoding Fauna Bavarica - a Molecular Library of Life
November 17th Michael Taborsky: Ultimate and Proximate Mechanisms of Cooperation in Animals (abstract to download)
November 24th Prof. Dr. Michael Boshart: Retooling conserved signaling proteins for parasitic life cycle control
December 8th Dr. Gabriel Schaaf: Lipid homeostasis in secretory membranes
January 12th Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen: Biogenesis of Thylakoid Membranes
January 19th Prof. Dr. Martin Biel: Gene therapy to restore vision
January 26th Prof. Dr. Ute Vothknecht: Calcium Regulation in Plant Organelles
February 2nd Dr. Stephan Gruber: Untangling Bacterial Chromosomes: Molecular Machines that transport DNA

SS 2011

May 5th Dr. Thomas Ott: Regulation of signal perception and transduction during plant-microbe interactions
May 12th Dr. Daniel Hilger: Measurements in the nanoworld
May 19th Prof. Rainer Haas: New insights in the structure and function of the Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin and the cag-type IV secretion system
May 26th Prof. Colleen Farmer: Loopy lungs in American alligators
June 9th Dr. Iris Finkemeier: Reactive oxygen species: detoxification and signalling in plants
June 16th Prof. Kay Gottschalk: Integrin-mediated Cell Adhesion
June 30th Dr. Anne Classen: Dissecting human diseases in Drosophila
July 7th Dr. Katja Sträßer: Gene Expression: From Transcription to Translation
July 14th Prof. Bart Kempenaers: The behavioural ecology of sex
July 21st LSM meets Industry / LSM Summer Party
July 28th Prof. Kirsten Jung: Communication in bacteria

WS 2010/2011

October 21st Prof. Susanne Renner:The evolution of sex chromosomes in land plants
November 4th Dr. Bettina Boelter: Overcoming barriers - protein translocation into chloroplasts
November 11th Prof. Heinrich Leonhardt: Role and Regulation of DNA methylation in development and disease
November 18th Prof. Thomas Carell: Chemical reactivity of DNA and RNA nucleotides
November 25th Dr. Sabine Schneider:Where are structures coming from and what we can learn from them - a short introduction to protein X-ray crystallography
December 9th Prof. Martin Parniske: Plant Genetics of Symbiosis
December 16th Prof. Thorsten Mascher: Bacterial Signal Transduction: From Antibiotic Stress Response to Systems Biology
January 13th Prof. Dirk Trauner: Teaching Old Receptors New Tricks
January 20th Prof. Heinrich Jung: Solute transport across membranes: physiological significance and molecular mechanisms
January 27th Dr. Arthur Schüssler: Arbuscular mycorrhiza – a plant-fungus symbiosis driving plant nutrition and terrestrial ecosystems
February 3rd Prof. Barbara Conradt: Control of apoptosis during animal development














SS 2010

April 28th Prof. Angelika Boettger: Stem cell differentiation and patterning in Hydra: The importance of the Notch-signalling pathway
May 5th Prof. Thomas Lahaye:Transcription-Activator Like proteins from Xanthomonas: A new alternative to designer zinc-fingers?
May 19th Prof. Wolfgang Stephan: Genetics and Evolution
May 26th Prof. Peter Geigenberger: Why study plant metabolism?
June 9th Prof. John Parsch: The evolution of sex-biased genes and sex-biased gene expression
June 16th Prof. Dirk Metzler: Computational Statistics in Evolutionary Genetics
June 23th Prof. Guenther Heubl: Molecular phylogeny, character evolution and origin of carnivorous plant families
June 30th Prof. Patrick Cramer: Global mechanisms of gene transcription and regulation
July 7th Prof. Gisela Grupe: Fishing with the Vikings: Palaeoenvironment and food webs at Haithabu reconstructed by stable isotopes of light elements in archaeological vertebrate remains
July 14th Prof. Ulf Dieckmann: From Individuals to Ecosystems and Back: Current Frontiers in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
July 28th Dr. Shoji Ohuchi: Evolution of RNA factors which function via structure ~ From the origin of Life to the futureWS 2009/2010
November 4th Prof. Juergen Soll: Chloroplasts
November 25th Prof. Joerg Nickelsen: Molecular mechanisms of thylakoid membrane biogenesis
December 2nd Prof. Matthias Starck: Functioning of the sauropsid heart
December 9th Prof. Susanne Foitzik: Slave rebellion - The evolution of a novel resistance trait
December 16th Prof. Angelika Vollmar: Natural compounds, chemical tools and therapeutical leads in novel anticancer strategies
January 13th Prof. Ute Vothknecht: Structural and regulatory components of organellar biogenesis
January 20th Prof. Gerhard Haszprunar: Evolution or Genesis? Why Intelligent Design fails but a synthesis appears possible.
January 27th Prof. Michael Boshart: Trypanosoma - parasitic pathogen and exotic model organism for molecular genetics
February 3rd Prof. Martin Biel: From genes to function: the superfamily of voltage-gated cation channels
February 10th Prof. Dirk Schueler: Microbial magnetosomes: The making of a prokaryotic organelle