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On offer! The LSM office has two laptops available to lend to its participating doctoral candidates. Software currently installed: Matlab, R, Microsoft Office. Should you want to borrow one, kindly note that it is necessary to get insured for the applicable semester via the Microbiology secretary (Mrs Grazyna Wlodarska-Lauer, in room E01.022, ). Please contact her prior to make arrangements. Costs just 13,20 Euros. Once you have this completed, arrange a pick-up time at the LSM office, where you sign for the laptop.

Maximum time is limited to the insurance time frame, so ideally come at the beginning of term!

LMU Gateway:

LMU Gateway can help you if you are joining a structured doctoral program, completing an individual doctorate or conducting a short-term research stay at LMU Munich.

How to register at the Dean's office for your right to perform a doctoral thesis? At the Faculty of Biology:

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Biomedizinische Centrum München/Biomedical Center Munich.

LMU-completion grant, should you be a doctoral candidate with lack of funding while you are still finishing your thesis, you may be able to apply, for extra support through the above link.

LifeScience-Munich Network

Initiated by the GraduateCenterLMU, the various graduate programs of the Lifescience Campus have teamed up to work toward the common goal of providing doctoral researchers an excellent education with a sound foundation based on good scientific practice. This Campus network is committed to creating synergies, strengthening the scientific community by promoting interdisciplinary communication and cooperation as well as organizing large scale information events on topics of overall interest and benefit.