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Prof. Dr. Marc Gottschling (Phylogenetics, Systematics, Taxonomy)

Prof. Dr. Marc Gottschling

Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants


Two major questions spur the scientific work conducted in my group:  How do biological species evolve, and why do they evolve?  To answer these questions and develop evolutionary scenarios, an interdisciplinary approach is required.  We investigate the phylogenetic relationships within 3 truly different groups, namely flowering plants (focus: Boraginales), unicellular dinophytes and papilloma viruses (co-diverging with their vertebrate hosts).  We apply a broad range of methodologies, including DNA sequencing, light and electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), herbarium specimen data basing, field work and algal strain cultivation.  We aim at an improved knowledge about the evolutionary history in our target groups.  The unambiguity of scientific names is the necessary prerequisite for proper identification of species, and we also provide a timeless basis in our taxonomic and nomenclatural work for future, also applied research.


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